AUB Infrastructure is a full-service civil engineering consulting group specializing in the study, design and execution of civil, highways, transport and utility infrastructure projects.

We develop, plan and deliver the infrastructure needs of large and small scale developments, municipalities and governments, from their conception to completion. We provide infrastructure advice and solutions from visioning and master planning stages through to construction. We leverage the latest technologies and are at the forefront of BIM for Infrastructure, allowing us to achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency on our designs, translating into significant value added for our Clients.

The level of seamless collaboration between our infrastructure teams and their various AUB counterparts, from architects to master planners and sustainability experts to cost consultants, allows us to deliver multi-disciplinary projects in a way that has become a staple of our services.

Over many decades, our engineered solutions have been the foundation for vast civil works programs and assured the success of essential infrastructure. These projects have become the backbone of economic, civic and social development in many global markets. We are proud that they reflect AUB’s determination to elevate the quality of life, assure the prosperity of our communities, and preserve our natural environment.

AUB engineers are determined professionals with inquiring minds. Each serves with a sense of purpose and an enthusiasm to create high-functioning, resource-efficient, investment-grade infrastructure worthy of the owners and users they serve. We take on owner’s interests in projects, whether that’s serviceability over time, the migrations of technology, or the dynamic reprogramming of places and infrastructure as utilization changes. By framing innovation with critical, incisive questions, we put clients in close proximity to the right answers.

Worldwide, engineered infrastructure is punctuated by the use of new technologies and engineered materials. With expert partners in our Sustainability group, AUB uniquely addresses the considerations and technical challenges of harsh ecosystems in a changing climate, far beyond natural resource conservation, to include infrastructure operation, maintenance, repair and resilience.

The AUB Infrastructure Division is officially registered as an ISO-9001 compliant operation. They were the first in the Middle East and the second worldwide to have been presented the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, under the new Quality Standard implemented in September 2015. In Addition, AUB Infrastructure operates an Environmental Management System that is certified as ISO 14001:2015 compliant since February 2016. Both Certifications cover Infrastructure Master Planning, Design Engineering and Consultancy Services related to Water, Wastewater, Environment, Transportation, Power and Communications.