Over many decades our engineered solutions provided foundation for vast civil works programs, and assured the success of important facility developments. These projects helped form the backbone for economic, civic and social development in many global markets. Together they reflect our determination to elevate the quality of life, assure the prosperity of our communities, and preserve our natural environment.

AUB engineers are curious and determined people. Each serves with a sense of purpose and conviction, to create high-functioning, resource efficient, investment-grade building systems and infrastructure, worthy of the owners and users they serve.

We take on owner’s interests in projects, whether that’s serviceability over time, the migrations of technology, or the dynamic reprogramming of places and infrastructure as utilization changes. By framing innovation with critical, incisive questions, we put clients in closest proximity to the right answers.

Worldwide, engineered buildings and infrastructure are punctuated by the use of new technologies and engineered materials. With expert partners in our Sustainability group, AUB uniquely addresses the considerations and technical challenges of harsh ecosystems, far beyond natural resource conservation, to include building and infrastructure operation, maintenance, repair and resilience.

AUB is trusted and highly respected for its building engineering expertise, including precisions structural engineering solutions for tall buildings and novel, gravity-defying approaches to large spaces. Our sophisticated MEP solutions serve the needs for clients that require facilities to be efficient, resilient, comfortable and scalable.